Monday, August 25, 2008

the exhibition is open!

after an entire week of construction, i must thank pete's coffee for supplying me with the best french vanilla-hazelnut ice'd coffee (aka) the 'van halen'. we thank you for your exceptional service and your enthusiastic curiosity. i can't describe how rewarding it is to see the partly sunny exhibition transform 'buck-wild' into a vibrant educational experience. located at the denver pavilions mall between the 'gap' and 'express', its wonderful to see a design exhibit juxtaposed next to two of the largest retail store companies. on over several occasions, visitors have entered the partly sunny space only to realize that there is nothing for sale. after welcoming these visitors and introducing them to partly sunny, it's amazing to see how magnetized people become. considering the overload of text and information throughout the space the average visitor will read almost entirely every project board. we could not have asked for a better location for partly sunny. the idea that people exit partly sunny with information and not with tangible items is good, especially when we are located within the largest shopping district in denver. people are interested in sustainable living, but first we must develop a common language that all people can understand. special thanks to the entire graphic design team at partly sunny. :O

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