Monday, August 25, 2008

Green Constitutional Congress

Monday night was the Green Constitutional Congress. It was quite amazing to see it emerge from Partly Sunny’s initial conversation with the Presidential Climate Action Project. Anne Hamilton’s chorus sung the audience into the Buell theater. Bruce Mau moderated the discussion, asking each of the panelists to imagine a new, more sustainable America. The panelists included: DJ Spooky, Bill Becker of the Presidential Climate Action Project, David Orr from Oberlin College, Jonathan Greenblatt founder of Good Magazine and Ethos Water, Majora Carter founder of the Sustainable South Bronx and Charlie Cannon, Partly Sunny. Following the presentation, each of the panelists was escorted out into the Lobby where audience members could engage them more directly. These post-panel discussions were produced by CO-LAB at Denver University.

(Photo courtesy of CO-LAB)

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