Wednesday, August 20, 2008

framing the space

its wednesday the 20th and we have been framing up the new/fake walls for the last 2 days. this has been quite satisfying, hiding the horrid club with our new walls really helps to stay motivated and understand what is actually going on in this space. until today framing has been smooth going. Julian and i took the ENTIRE DAY framing up the last wall, now this may have happened because we both lacked our morning coffee. but we later decided, after nearly destroying each other, it was the wonky walls are to blame for the difficult time.

its been quite amazing seeing the room transform in just 3 days. once the walls were up we had a great time covering them in our work. it was quite a sight to see charlie dancing about as we put them up. with life and color entering our space we are all getting excited and feeling like it is gonna be funky fresh.

these are my thoughts,


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