Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Partly Sunny visits Polaris at Ebert Elementary

Yes putting up an exhibit in less then 6 months about reducing carbon emissions was challenging. But getting kids excited about big, hairy subjects that they might have not even heard of like hybrid cars or Xeriscaping was even a greater challenge! That was the conquest Charlie and I were presented with that day when going to Polaris at Ebert Elementary during the DNC. Imagine, going into a class room full of six year olds full of energy after a lunch break on the play ground, and bearing the strength to get there attention to talk about global warming. The amazing part was that they listened! Any recognition from one of the students that they understood that our planet Earth is vital to us and should be taken care of was gratifying.

But we shouldn’t think that these youngsters wouldn’t understand it when so many politicians don’t understand it either. Kids probably understand even more because at that age anything seems possible: sure cars that run on water or electricity why not? Or going to school everyday on my bike instead of by car that’s awesome! I want to do that! Once Charlie explained what Partly Sunny was all about, we went around to each group at the different tables. The students were interested in learning about these new inventions and wanted to know more about how it worked. Then it was their turn to explain what we had just taught them about from the sample projects from the exhibit. I must say we were quite impressed as to how much information they retained and how excited each group was to present their topic. And what better then postcards from all the colors of the rainbow as a party treat! :)

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